Getting ready to leave

Two days ago I married a gorgeous woman in a perfect garden wedding in our local park. The weather was clear and stunning, we looked awesome and our friends and family brought a lot of love and joy to the day.


The honeymoon starts tomorrow, with a morning flight to Narita airport, Tokyo.

Today is dedicated to prep, changing some wedding gift money into yen, doing some laundry, last tidy of the house and of course, packing our bags.

For those of you who like details, here’s what’s on my packing list. Trying my best to pack light because it’s easy to launder clothes in Japanese hotels.

Wear on the plane:
Trackpants or leggings
T shirt
a warm layer

In carry on backpack:
emergency clothes in case of lost bag (socks, undies, t shirt)
USB charge cable
travel journal
notebooks (Japanese language notes, travel info)
pencil case with pens and things
wet wipes
eye mask
water bottle (Frank Green <3)
sharktopus (my travel mascot)


1 pair pajamas
5 pairs underthings
5 pairs socks
4 T shirts (including Harry Potter house shirts for Universal Studios)
3 pants/jeans
2 warm layers (one zip hoodie, one flannel shirt)
rain jacket
Disneybound* outfits

Bathroom stuff:
Hayfever meds
face cleanser
face moisturiser
hair wax
sanitary products

plug converters
chargers for phones
laptop cable
day packs
washing liquid pods
washing peg hanger thing
my 5 year journal
2 x powerbank



*Disneybounding was invented because adults are not allowed to dress as Disney characters at Disney parks. The idea is to evoke a character through mostly regular clothing. Examples here.




2 thoughts on “Getting ready to leave

  1. It’s always handy to see what other’s pack for their overseas adventures. I wouldn’t have thought of a spare change of clothes in hand luggage if suitcase if lost – very wise. And glad to see I’m not the only one who has a travel mascot 😀


    1. I didn’t manage to get Sharktopus out much at Disney, but he’s been there before. I’ll try and get more photos as we go.

      And yes, the spare clothes in the hand luggage is the Worst Case Scenario packing XD very sensible, never needed it yet.

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